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Alligator is starting off as an email newsletter that curates and aggregates key opinion and analysis from a clearly left perspective, covering the national and global events of that week, together with the most informative news articles on key issues of social struggle, geopolitical conflict and cultural affairs. 

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We screen out right-wing propaganda, content-free rants, and cultural feelpinion, so you dont waste your time. We source from outlets big and small, and we range from the social democratic left to far-left sources and back again.

Every issue of Alligator is a snapshot of left opinion and news in Australia in the last seven days, and a comprehensive take on world affairs. With so many groups and outlets operating separately, we want Alligator to strengthen the left’s collective ability to shape the agenda, even as different groups preserve their autonomy.

We commenced during July 2020 as an experiment. The initial newsletters were sent to colleagues and friends of the small team behind Alligator. The response was positive, indicating a clear need for Alligator. We also received some feedback on our approach which is always appreciated. Thank you.

We hope you like Alligator, we hope you’ll keep reading, and if you do like it, we really want you to send it on to your friends. If you think there’s an outlet or point of view we’re missing, don’t get angry, get emailing, and let us know! 

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To get things rolling, we sent the initial editions of Alligator to friends and colleagues who we felt might be interested. If you are interested, please accept our apologies. You can unsubscribe here.

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The Alligator Team

Sam de Silva, Guy Rundle and a small team are behind Alligator.

Sam is Alligator’s Producer and is responsible for its media tech.

Guy is Alligator’s Content Curator and is coordinating a small team to select the analysis and opinion articles in each issue of Alligator.