Issue 104: 1 September – 7 September 2022

## Battles At the Summit

Jobs summit: Key commitments and take-aways
Jake Evans | ABC

Alan Kohler: Among its outcomes, the jobs summit underlined irrelevance of Opposition
Alan Kohler | The New Daily

Australia a ‘green Wall Street’? Labor moves to the dark side as job summit concludes
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Progressives still can’t believe that Labor is now the party of total capitalism. They’ll waste years if they don’t get wise — fast.

Australian women left behind as pay gap rises
Andrea Bortoli | Green Left

Childcare centres shut down across Australia
Rachael Ward | The New Daily

The stage three tax cuts are a pile of garbage, and everybody knows it
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
Fortunately, the policy can be easily changed – if you have the conviction.

Breaking promises isn’t easy. Keeping the wrong ones is just as painful
Richard Denniss | SMHAge
Keeping Morrison’s 2018 tax promise isn’t just a gift to the highest income Australians, it’s a gift to the Liberal Party, which has already made clear its intention to campaign in Labor’s outer suburban seats rather than try to win back the high-income seats it lost to the teals and the Greens. 

Greens “climate trigger” bill faces tough crowd in parliament, but gets billionaire backing 
Sophie Vorrath | RenewEconomy

Albanese Government favours jobs and growth over biodiversity
Sue Arnold | Independent Australia

In Australia, Workers Are Facing Another Decade of Wage Suppression
Chris Dite | Jacobin

Victorian Government urged to let First Nations group lead healing of popular state forest
Aaron Bloch | National Indigenous Times

How Labor is jeopardising its own climate target
Mike Seccombe | The Saturday Paper
In approving almost 47,000 square kilometres for offshore oil and gas exploration, the Labor government is jeopardising its climate target and echoing the Coalition’s spurious case for energy security.

Raise the corporate tax rate and kill three birds with one stone
Alan Austin | Independent Australia

# Workforce

Increased migration must come with planning and expanded services, councils say
Peter Hannam | The Guardian
Increasing the migration intake was a key subject of the jobs summit in Canberra, with employer groups in particular complaining that staff shortages were holding back the economy.

What it really means to work in the book industry
Bethany Patch | Overland
It’s difficult to get a true picture of the exploitation in the industry without having visibility of the real profits being taken by publishers. These are not publicly available, so we can only extrapolate them.

AI abuses revealed, including in employment selection procedures
Contributor | Vanguard
There are at present few, if any, safeguards in place in Australia to protect citizens and residents from the uses and abuses of high-tech espionage, which they encounter in almost every part of their private and everyday lives, including their employment.

Childcare owner to join Early Childhood Strike amid staff crisis
Michael West | Michael West Media

Australian union limits Qantas aircraft engineers to one-minute strikes
Patrick Davies | World Socialist Web Site

# Miscellaneous

When the Indigenous voice referendum is upon us, be wary of misinformation and scare campaigns
Gabrielle Appleby, Lisa Hill | The Guardian

The Italian road to fascism 
Luca Tavan | Red Flag
The right has thrived in the atmosphere of social decay and crisis in Italian society. The country is in a constant state of emergency economic management, teetering on the brink of collapse.

Mining, participation and hegemony in  Mexico 
Valeria Guarneros-Meza | Progress in Political Economy

Ukraine, war and the British left
Federico Fuentes, Phil Hearse | Green Left

Turkey: Another left-wing MP arrested
Peter Boyle | Green Left