Issue 100: 28 July – 3 August 2022

## Climate

The day the climate changed and the glee club went missing
Tony Wright | Age/SMH
Once, a government went disco over killing a carbon tax. Now, a major climate change bill passes without so much as a high five. Climate wars are exhausting

The Australian Labor Party’s Climate Bill Is Empty Symbolism
James Clark | Jacobin

Action on climate change is action on the cost of living 
Jennifer Rayner | The New Daily

Australia is not prepared for a climate-related food crisis
Esther Linder | The Saturday Paper

Don’t be fooled by fossil fuel industry’s ‘green’ word salads
Stella Levantesi  | Independent Australia
PR companies working for the fossil fuel industry are appropriating language from within the climate movement, using it to perpetuate climate denial

## VoiceAs the PM spoke at Garma, I had tears in my eyes
Thomas Mayor | Age/SMH

A voice to parliament will do little for Indigenous justice
Jordan Humphreys | Red Flag

Join Us In  Supporting the First Nations People Against a Voice To Parliament Referendum Campaign
Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance Facebook

## Corporate capital

Full employment: The promise Albanese must keep
John Quiggin | John Quiggin’s Blogstack
The Albanese Government has had a very disappointing start, offering nothing on climate change beyond its very weak election commitment and continuing to implement most of the policies it inherited from the L-NP. The ruinous stage three tax cuts remain on the books.

To Solve Australia’s Cost-of-Living Crisis, Labor Should Tax Superprofits
Ben Eltham | Jacobin

Professional classes make billion-dollar tax rorts possible
Michael Pascoe | The New Daily
“Singapore marketing hub” might make it up there with “colourful racing identity” as a useful euphemism

Don’t buy the bosses’ inflation lies: workers need real wage rises now
Jacob Andrewartha | Green Left Weekly

Once upon a time Qantas had a peerless reputation. How did things gp sp wrong?
Van Badham | The Guardian
The national carrier was the only airline trusted by Dustin Hoffman’s Rain Man. But that was before it was privatised

Has Labor learnt from the failure of the cashless debit card?
Elise Klein | The Conversation
The Albanese government says winding back the CDC will “leave no one behind”. But its legislation leaves more than 23,000 mainly First Nations people in the Northern Territory – as well as people in other parts of the country – on the BasicsCard

Capital v labour: where is the poll on neo-liberalism? 
Michael West | Michael West Media

## Health

Hope, denial and Covid-19
Rains McIntyre | The Saturday Paper
The virus doesn’t care that we are fed up with dealing with its fallout. It is here to stay – not a cold, as we were promised, and not even the flu, but a rapidly mutating virus that affects various organs, including the brain, and can cause debilitating long-term illness.

World Heat
Guy Rundle | Arena
The turn back to the nation-state—announced by the neocons after 9/11—was always an old con. No real effort was made to halt or reverse multiple layers of globalisation, to regroup national economies/communities. Instead, twenty years of further globalisation, on zero-cost money for the last decade, has created a Western population more psychologically dependent on globalisation’s rewards—consumer luxuries and low costs—than ever before.

Power: A re-envisaged state and energy justice
Anna Sturman, Lynne Chester | Progress in Political Economy
Our contemporary era of perpetual crises demands, we contend, a critical reappraisal of the state’s potential role, to supplant the predominant market-led responses to crisis,  to advance a more equitable society.  Historically, all major theories of the state—liberal and radical—have been generated in tumultuous eras.

Government, developers helped create flood crises
Ben Radford | Green Left
Government inaction in the face of a warming climate, developer greed and poor planning are to blame for the catastrophic impacts of recent floods in New South Wales.

Fury over Indigenous centre closure
Jordan Humphrey’s | Red Flag
A fiery community meeting of several hundred people convened on Tuesday to oppose plans to close the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence in the Sydney suburb of Redfern.

## Misc

Russian socialist dissident: ‘Putin’s regime will collapse – and probably sooner rather than later’
Federico Fuentes, Boris Karlitsky | Green Left

United tram depot workers win through against Downer Rail
B Bill | Vanguard