Issue 96: 23 June to 29 June 2022


Workers and their wages are the collateral damage of the war on inflation
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
What a wonderful world we live in where a wage rise below inflation will apparently cause greater inflation!

Inflation is a gradual killer — and the poor desperately need help from Labor
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Rising cost-of-living pressures are creating a living nightmare for those living below the poverty line. Government intervention is badly needed.

Stepping back already from the integrity election?
Marian Sawer| Pearls and Irritations
Labor won government promising more accountability, so why disempower the crossbench?

After Roe v Wade: Not Without A Fight 
Jacinda Woodhead| Overland
It is easy to despair when we see how we far we are from reproductive justice, but we must take heart in the mass demonstrations against the overturning of Roe.

‘At what point does it start to become coercive?’ Access to reproductive health still highly inequitable
Amber Schulz  | Crikey

Blak MPs give First Nations women hope we might be listened to
Antoinette Braybrook | Indigenous X/The Guardian
There is a big job ahead, but we have the solutions. Politicians just need to hand back the power to us

‘Boomer fantasy’: Why fears of 1970s-style stagflation are indeed misplaced
Ross Gittins | Age/SMH
An increase in wages sufficient to prevent a further fall in real wages would do little harm to the economy and much good to businesses hoping their sales will keep going up rather than start going down.

The RBA’s inflation policy is a case of deliberately wrong diagnosis, worse than useless cure
Fred Fuentes | Green Left Weekly

‘Fair Work’ hands out a pay cut
Jerome Small | Red Flag
There’s plenty to be said about the outcome of the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage review—but the widespread claims of a “union win” fall flat.

Crowding out: another neoliberal myth bites the dust
Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane| Crikey
Neoliberal ideas like ‘crowding out’ impede serious public debate about fiscal policy.


The climate crisis is hitting the planet’s working classes the hardest and they know it
Jeff Sparrow| The Guardian
The conservative commentariat could not be more wrong in dismissing global heating as a concern of only the ‘woke elite’

Australia’s Gas Crisis Proves It’s Time to Renationalize Energy
Danny Wardle| Jacobin Australia

Census exposes the forgotten Australians
Osman Faruqi | Age/SMH

Blockade Protestors Defy Police Crackdown
Rachel Evans| Green Left Weekly

Protesters mark 15 years of the NT intervention, demand police in First Nations communities be disarmed
Isaac Nellist & Chloe DS| Green Left Weekly

Adelaide-based arms manufacturer BAE announces new initiative to engage with school kids
Nick G| Vanguard

Dutton’s negligence haunts 2022-23 Migration Program
Abul Rizvi |Independent Australia

Timor Spy Saga: Rex Patrick pushes Labor to unveil Australia’s dirty secret, end persecution of Bernard CollaeryCallum Foote  | Michael West

Guide Dogs CEO “donated over $500k”, says fundraising boss
Anthony Klan |The Klaxon

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