Issue 92: 26 May to 1 June 2022

## New Times?

The election and the teals: The new social liberalism in a knowledge society
Guy Rundle | Arena Onlinege
This is not only a new development in Australia, but in society.   the anglosphere Westminster system, and it should not be underestimated or misunderstood.

Anthony Albanese has some tough economic problems on his plate. Here are seven of them
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
From sluggish wages to red-hot inflation, there are some unusual things happening in Australia’s economy right now

What does the ‘climate election’ really mean for the planet?
Briana Symonds-Manne | Red Flag
The teals are pro-capitalist, their politics guided by the economic concerns of businesses. Their “solution” to the climate crisis is to promote initiatives that put a green gloss over a system that exploits workers.

Mainstream journalists are failing to speak truth to power
Jennifer Wilson | Independent Australia

Relearning democracy
Tim Dunlop | The Future of Everything
The other major upshot of the election, then, is that the mainstream media has rendered themselves not just irrelevant and unreliable, but also less powerful. They have the ability for self-reflection of a vampire.

‘Men also speak for women’: with one press conference the Liberals show nothing has changed
Amber Schulz | Crikey

Desperate measures
Scott Burchill | Declassified Aus
Sympathy for the traumatised Palestinian community was targeted by political vigilantes attempting to influence the Australian election.

Contempt for metropolitan Australians a dangerous move for political parties
John Quiggin | John Quiggin’s Blogstack
If the Liberal Party ignores the results of the election or, worse still, follows the lead of Barnaby Joyce and the National Party in denouncing city-dwellers, they will face immense difficulties.

Libs crash headfirst into reality with recovery plan to *checks notes* hate the rich
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Tim Smith, Peta Credlin, the ‘forgotten people’ speech and the politics of resentment will get things back on track in no time. Forget “get the popcorn” — get yourself a popcorn machine! 

Adam Bandt on how the Greens triumphed 
Mike Seccombe | The Saturday Paper
Adam Bandt explains how the Greens orchestrated their strongest result with a campaign that stretched from doorknocking and community gardens to Grindr and ‘the chaos of the internet’.

Kill off the AAT: it’s stacked with Morrison’s Liberal mates and is no longer credible
Greg Barns | Michael West Media

Guide Dogs CEO “resigns”: major questions remain
Anthony Klan | The Klaxon

‘Vehicle or destination?’ Parties down, policy up
Barry Jones | Pearls and Irritations
The major parties, with the possible exception of The Greens, are in serious, probably terminal, decline, with habitual supporters largely disengaged, with a third of voters moving in a new direction

## Climate and the Pacific

From crisis to common sense 
Anna Carlson | Overland
It’s been a big few years in so-called Australia. Devastating bushfires. A global pandemic. Catastrophic flooding. Intensifying powers of policing and state control. A crisis in housing affordability. 

Kiribati president calls for global ban on new coal mines
SBS News
Australia has yet to formally respond to the President of Kiribati’s call for a moratorium on new coal mines.

What will it take to make Labor deliver on climate action?
Alex Bainbridge | Green Left

Stern and Stiglitz: The chaotic world of 2 degrees warming
Jeremy Webb | Pearls and Irritations

How US imperialism is shaping Australia’s regional approaches

## Strikes, actions, miscellaneous, sport

Teachers take a stand against AUKUS
Kerry Smith | Green Left

Australian Education Union rams through deal to slash Victorian teachers’ pay and conditions 
Oscar Grenfell | World Socialist Web Site

When was the last time you read a comic… about unions?
Suzanne Hill | ABC Radio (audio)

There’s one big reason wages are stagnating: the enterprise bargaining system is broken, and in terminal decline
Anthony Forsyth | The Conversation

The UK-Rwanda refugee deal: Modelling Fortress Australia
Binoy Kampmark | Arena Online

This Year’s Champions League Final Was a Showcase for Police Brutality in France
Daniel Finn | Jacobin

Forced fan engagement at the footy falls flat
Ronny Lerner | Independent Australia