Issue 91: 19 May to 25 May 2022

## Did Something Just Happen?

Climate change makes it mark on Australian elections
Jacob Andrewartha, Sam Wainwright, Sarah Hathway | Green Left
Whether the new Labor government will take real climate action and address growing social discontent will depend in large part on further strengthening the social and union movements.

Australia’s Left Is Breaking Through
Osmond Chiu | Jacobin
The Australian election saw historic defeats for the Right and its backers in the Murdoch media. But the Labor Party can’t change the country without fighting for a robust, progressive economic agenda.

I approached election night with gloom …
John Quiggin | John Quiggin Blogstack
…but the result was amazingly good.

No more Mr Nice Guy. Labor must pulverise the Coalition on debt and waste for evah
Guy Rundle | Crikey
If Labor people start talking about finding common ground — oh that tealed an Obama bell! — really act on that at the political level, they and we are done for. If they feel, whew, we can stop contesting now, stop politicking, they and we are done for.

Greens’ campaign manager: Three reasons why we did so well in Brisbane
Liam Flenady | Green Left
1. The establishment was wrong…

The unsettled election
Jeff Sparrow | Overland
In the next weeks, a debate will rage about what the success of the teal candidates means, with insider pundits celebrating the victory of girl-boss feminism. Yet the remarkable swing to the Greens, particularly in Brisbane, represents something far more interesting.

Good riddance to Morrison, time to fight Labor 
Tom Bramble | Red Flag

Lifting the minimum wage is anything but reckless – it’s what low earners need
Peter Martin | The New Daily

This was Julia Gillard’s election victory
Alan Kohler | The New Daily
While Julia Gillard hardly figured in the campaign, her treatment 10 years ago at the hands of men in both major parties was the unexploded bomb that finally went off on Saturday.

Why having Labor in charge shouldn’t be your biggest fear
Ross Gittins | SMHAge
So how is Labor likely to do? Not as well as the new government’s supporters hope, but not as badly as its opponents predicted. At this early stage, however, when we’re so fully conscious of the failings of the last lot, we’re entitled to hope for some improvement.

Australian Voters Have Demanded Action on Climate Change
Chris Dite | Jacobin
With Greens and independents set to hold the balance of power, it’s time for the climate movement to step up its demands.

## Climate

Applying war theory to the hyperthreat of climate and environmental change
Elizabeth Boulton | Independent Australia
PLAN E, a new climate and environmentally centred security strategy, proves the world’s security forces are endangering us all.

If Labor won’t shut offshore gas down, it must tax it — and heavily
Bernard Keane | Crikey
The party promised stronger action on climate change, so allowing the offshore gas industry to continue on its merry way is not a good look.

Cocktail talk: Labor struts both sides of street on energy as Madeleine King mooted for gas ministry
Callum Foote | Michael West Media
Australia’s new Labor government is committed to a transition to clean energy and a cut in emissions of 43% by 2030. But the MP touted to become the new energy minister is giving forthright backing to the oil and gas industries

Household power bills jump as Coalition hands energy market mess to Labor
Sophie Vorrath, Giles Parkinson | Renew Economy

Environment: Atmospheric CO2 hits 420ppm. Operating mines and wells must close to stay under 1.5C
Peter Sainsbury | Pearls and Irritations
The level of CO2 in the atmosphere continues to rise and staying under 1.5 degrees of warming will require closing almost half of currently operating fossil fuel wells and mines: regional Australians know this. Conflicts over water are increasing worldwide.

## Uncategorised

As we reclaim the stage for Indigenous storytellers, we have a question for colonisers
Alethea Beetson for IndigenousX | The Guardian

It’s Time… To Demand Fair Pay in the Arts
Jennifer Mills | Meanjin
The arts is important not because it deserves more attention than other public goods, like schools and hospitals, but because it’s an area where these unfair labour practices are increasingly normalised and can be usefully challenged.

NTEU stands firm at Sydney University 
Pip Hinman | Green Left

The UK–Rwanda Refugee Deal: Modelling Fortress Australia
Binoy Kampmark | Arena

The lucky coin? Cryptocurrency in Australia
Scott Robinson | Overland
Ideals of justice have very little purchase in the world of crypto, which is what makes it a bleak vision for the future.

Is the Solomon Islands an Australian colony?
Teow Loon Ti | Pearls and Irritations
A new strategy for domination, euphemistically called “spheres of influence”, has replaced colonialism with largely similar but more subtle outcomes.