Issue 67: 20 Oct to 27 Oct 2021

“A joke:” Morrison’s net zero plan has net zero detail, and no change to policies
Michael Mazengarb | Renew Economy

How Australia could halve carbon emissions by 2030
Michael Keating | Pearls and Irritations

Climate change is a national security issue, but not in the way Scott Morrison imagines
Jeff Sparrow | The Guardian
Global heating and conflict are fundamentally linked. Without peace, there will be no climate action.

It may not feel like it, but green politics is winning
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Things will still get very nasty and we, and humanity, may still lose altogether, but it’s important to say that one stage of this vast epochal conflict is over. 

COP26 Glasgow summit: Scott Morrison rewards Nationals for agreeing to harm regions
Ross Gittins | AgeSMH
The perverse nature of the Prime Minister’s deal with the Nationals has been highlighted in a new study that found the cost of not acting sooner on climate change will be worn most heavily by the regions.

Revealed: nearly a quarter of federal Nats own mining shares
Kishor Napier-Raman | Crikey

Put Capitalism on trial at the COP26 Climate Conference
Study Group Contribution | Vanguard
The movement to renewable energy requires a massive injection in fixed capital in the form of new technologies and means of production. However, this will result in a relative decrease in the labour required to operate and maintain these new developments and an overall decrease in the unit cost of energy production.


Australia: 3,000 FedEx drivers hold 24-hour national strike
Martin Scott | World Socialist Web Site

Perth remembers Trailblazing Aboriginal Strikers
Sarah Smit | National Indigenous Times

Refugees in Melbourne Are Stuck in a Nightmare of Indefinite Detention and COVID-19 Infections
Simon Burns | Jacobin
Since late 2020, the Australian government has indefinitely held 43 refugees in the Park Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne. This week, 19 tested positive for COVID-19. According to the detainees, the source could be any of the 20 security guards who refused vaccination.


Australia’s reopening and recovery plan is an exercise in just hoping for the best
Ben Hillier | Red Flag

Passing the COVID buck risks more than government reputations
Kerryn Phelps | Independent Australia


Now the real housing affordability crisis of soaring rents
Michael Pascoe | The New Daily
Many people traditionally have chosen (or been forced) to live in regional Australia because housing was cheaper, but that differential is being quickly eroded.

Unemployment is down, job ads are up, but disadvantaged Australians are still being left behind
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
The pandemic has created demand for entry-level positions, but a report shows not everyone is benefiting from the boom

Crown lucky to escape the Victorian royal commission with its licence intact
Daniel Ziffer | ABC News
Crown dodged paying hundreds of millions of dollars in state taxes, consorted with criminal gangs and facilitated money laundering on an epic scale. Yet it gets to keep its prized Victorian casino licence.

How to eradicate youth poverty
Isaac Nellist, Zoe O’Dea | Green Left

Perrottet invests in Putin not Parramatta
Michael West | Michael West Media


‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’: Join the in-group, recognise the conspiracy
Mark Furlong | Arena
Who does not know that COVID-19 is, and will remain, a rolling disaster, that climate collapse is happening now, that social and economic inequality are accelerating? 

Sudan: More than a million people take to the streets against coup
Pavan Kulkarni | Green Left

Newcastle United and the enduring power of sportswashing
Martin McKenzie-Murray | The Saturday Paper