Issue 66: 14 Oct to 20 Oct 2021

How should our workplaces look post-pandemic? Far better
Van Badham | The Guardian
Customer weirdness and hostility was, alas, a consistent feature of the service worker experience across all industries, long before the new props and costumes of virus management turned up.

‘Squid Game’: Holding a dystopian mirror to life under capitalism
Alex Salmon | Green Left

Twofold crisis: regional Australia housing shortage compounding poor mental health
Natasha May, Gabrielle Chan | The Guardian

Environmentalism with a business face
Jeff Sparrow | Overland
Contrary to what many progressives imagine, the Murdoch press lacks the authority to tell its readers what to think. Every election, the tabloids back the Liberals. Every election, their blue-collar readership overwhelmingly votes Labor.

How Murdoch manipulates the climate of Australian politics
Michelle Pini | Independent Australia

Thousands demand action at #ClimateStrikes
Alex Bainbridge, Jim McIlroy | Green Left

Nuclear power is too costly, too slow, so it’s zero use to Australia’s emissions plan
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
We must cut emissions fast – at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030, and probably by about 75% if we want to limit temperature rises to less than 1.5C. Nuclear power is of zero use on that score.

AUKUS nuclear submarines deal must be abandoned
Brian Toohey | Pearls and Irritations
Although the US or the UK is supposed to build Australia eight nuclear-powered attack submarines under a new agreement called AUKUS, there is no realistic way this can occur without trashing Australia’s long-standing support for the world’s nuclear non-proliferation goals.

Interoperability comes at a cost: Australian Navy set to dump 6 EU helicopters for 12 made by US
Nick G. | Vanguard

Transparency lacking in Australian defence policy
Sue Wareham | Independent Australia
With some of the most prominent think tanks on defence and foreign policy receiving funds from companies that rely on war and threats of war, Australians are being fed vested interests masquerading as “independent” opinion.

Matt Canavan’s mining cosplay and Twitter trolling are setting him up for reelection
Cam Wilson | Crikey
The LNP senator doesn’t need Australians to love him — in fact, he’s counting on the opposite.

“Clearly Unacceptable”: Environment Minister Sussan Ley bans renewable project, blesses three new coal mines
Callum Foote | Michael West Media

Mission zero, credibility less
Paul Bongiorno | The Saturday Paper
The dramatic shifts in the politics of climate change have finally caught out Scott Morrison. It’s a reckoning that’s been coming since the catastrophic Black Summer bushfires.

The ‘net’ in net zero emissions offers a huge temptation to cheat
Ross Gittins | AgeSMH
We won’t get to zero emissions without the ‘net’, but that’s hard and presents us with a great temptation to turn the whole exercise into a rort.

It’s time to confront the anti-vaccination far right
Vashti Fox, David Blinderman | Red Flag
There is nothing left-wing about alternative medicine, the rejection of scientific research or ostensibly anti-authoritarian stances against state regulation. 

Why vaccination presents an ethical dilemma for us, but remains the best way to keep our families safe
Nayuka Gorrie | Indigenous X

The life and death of a shopkeeper
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Soner Kurtoglu put his heart and soul into his small bazaar in the back streets of Melbourne’s Richmond. Now he’s gone, taken by a vicious virus.

The Palestinian Question: Celebrating the Liberal Media?
Alison Caddick | Arena
It’s so interesting to see the mainstream media in Australia begin to argue that reporting on Israel-Palestine is unbalanced. Well, that is a breakthrough.

Australian workers support John Deere strike in the US
Correspondents | World Socialist Website