Issue 65: 7 Oct to 13 Oct 2021

We need to get real about carbon offsets in Australia – they won’t stop climate change
Richard Denniss | The Guardian
Just as ivermectin is a good way to treat scabies and a bad way to prevent Covid, “carbon offsets” can play a small role in avoiding dangerous climate change.

If only we had a carbon price, we wouldn’t be trembling in our boots
Ross Gittins | AgeSMH
The problem with Glasgow: the commitments add up to much less than needed to hold the global average temperature rise to the “well under 2 degrees”.

News Corp’s turnaround on climate crisis is a greenwash
Ketan Joshi | The Guardian

Climate: COP26 Coalition builds pressure on rich countries
Susan Price | Green Left

Why the climate movement needs the working class
Emma Black | Red Flag
The scale of the climate crisis has driven a new generation of radical young activists to demand “system change, not climate change”, but…

Most Australians support a net zero COP26 target via renewables, Australia Institute reveals
Jess Davis, Jake Lapham | ABC News

Berliners vote to expropriate corporate landlords
Thomas McGrath | Green Left

Whose recovery?
Carol Cohn, Claire Duncanson | Progress in Political Economy
“Economic recovery” functions as an abstraction that serves to disguise the ways that recovery of the economic system not only fails to respond to the real needs of actual people, but actively undermines them. Policies focused on recovery of the economic system are based on false assumptions that wealth created will “trickle down”.

It’s OK to bury JobKeeper … and to praise it
Jessica Irvine | AgeSMH
We should give the Morrison government credit where it’s due – because it will be a dangerous legacy if politicians think twice about unleashing stimulus in our next economic crisis.

How private management consultants took over the public service
Rick Morton | The Saturday Paper 
Since the Coalition came to power, outsourcing of policy work to management consultants has surged – to the point where the public service scarcely has the expertise to function.

Profits over People: in-home care a cash bonanza for greedy aged providers
Dr Sarah Russell | Michael West Media

Abbott’s apocalyptic loyalty lies with ‘the West’, not with Australia
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Expressions of imperial fealty are really just a subset of a more overarching loyalty to the West, as represented by the participants in the AUKUS alliance, with us as the junior and wholly expendable element. 

Nuclear-powered sub accident a reason to reconsider AUKUS.
Nick G.  | Vanguard

Dominic Perrottet Is Bad News for New South Wales
Chris Dite | Jacobin
A figure from the right of the — right-wing — Liberal Party and a staunch Catholic with alleged links to Opus Dei, Perrottet’s election promises a new era of even deeper social and political conservatism.

The cycle of Indigenous trauma continues in the workplace. Diversity policies are not the answer
Mandy Braddick | IndigenousX / The Guardian

Craig Kelly, Clive Palmer and Reignite Democracy Australia are making an anti-vaxxer super group
Cam Wilson | Crikey

Has Australia become less fair in the age of COVID-19?
Madonna King | Crikey

ACT Government report pushes calls to raise the age
Sarah Smit | National Indigenous Times

Victorian young people call for mandatory reconciliation in schools
Simone Costa | National Indigenous Times

Australian Education Union endorses reckless reopening of schools, suppresses teacher opposition
Committee for Public Education | World Socialist Website