Something’s fishy, or at least, a little gamey, with Woolworth’s in Tasmania.

The supermarket giant has suddenly decided that it is very very doubtful about salmon production on the island, following a new wave of reports on the terrible environmental toll of the industry. 

Suddenly, Woolies is disturbed by the 2018 trashing of Macquarie Bay by fast and loose production by Tassal, the in-bay salmon farmer put together by accountants after the industry collapsed a couple of decades ago. But Macquarie Bay was investigated and reported at the time. Why’s it taken three years?

Well, the publication of Richard Flanagan’s denunciation of the industry Toxic, has left the whole industry running for cover, amid fears of a boycott and collapse, due to overextension and overexposure. That would leave the industry wide open and so the bears are perching at the edge of the water. Twiggie Forrest has already put his paw in the water.

And who owns most of wholesale grocery distibution on the island? Why Woolies of course. Who wouldn’t want it served up to them, on the existing industry, which is, after all, toast.