Issue 59 : 26 to 1 September 2021

Australian economy is in recession, even if it’s not official
Jessica Irvine | Nine Newspapers
If it quacks like a duck…

Smaller Government push explains much of our fumbling of the pandemic
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
It’s right for our elected leaders to be held responsible for coronavirus failures, but systemic failures have also led to governments falling short.

Editorial: The Biopolitics of COVID
Alison Caddick Arena Online

Biden’s plan for the US Empire
Tom Bramble Marxist Left Review

The ANZUS treaty does not make Australia safer. Rather, it fuels a fear of perpetual military threat
Emma Shortis The Conversation

Women confront the Taliban
Sudaba Kabiri, Farooq Sulehra | Green Left

The government lets Australia down by only telling us what we want to hear
Guy Rundle | Crikey
The right’s embrace of capitalism allows them to be nihilistic and chaotic at the same time. And above all, to tell people what they want to hear. Which is that the virus is a one-off.

In Australia, the Far Right Is Pushing COVID-19 Conspiracies
Jeff Sparrow | Jacobin
Last weekend, thousands of anti-vaxxers and COVID denialists marched across Australia to protest pandemic restrictions. A core of far-right activists were at the center of the action.

The politics of vaccinations
Tom Bramble | Red Flag
Unless the vaccination rate rises substantially, it could well be that only 40 or 50 percent of Indigenous people are vaccinated when the 80 percent overall target is reached.

Wilcannia housing crisis has made COVID-19 outbreak worse
Sarah Smit | National Indigenous Times

NSW government plans full school reopening as state’s hospitals on the verge of a breakdown
Oscar Grenfell | World Socialist Website

The effects of Delta on the unemployed
Kristin O’Connell, Jay Coonan | Overland

Why am I delivering boutique lamps and high-end furniture in Sydney’s lockdown?
A member of the Transport Workers’ Union | Red Flag

Verging on Ponzi: how the banks are rorting the RBA’s big bail-out fund
Michael West | Michael West Media
Banks are profiteering from the Reserve Bank’s bail-out fund by betting on their own bonds: the very quiet scandal that is the Committed Liquidity Facility.

Australia’s homebuilder scheme may have just been a sugar hit in the pandemic recovery
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
The latest construction data suggests Homebuilder might have been a sugar hit that has now gone, while the impact of the pandemic on the economy continues.

White Man’s Media: Rupert Murdoch and the US Imperium
John Menadue | Michael West Media

Silencing the scientists: the state of science suppression in Australia
Jenny Sinclair | Overland

Global Green New Deal Needs A Global South Perspective
An Li and Ying Chen | August 10, 2021

Kevin Buzzacott: ‘Time for Santos to get off its bike’
Renfrey Clarke | Green Left

Cartel case against CFMEU collapses
Jim McIlroy | Green Left

Wangan and Jagalingou people demand human rights
Alex Bainbridge | Green Left