Issue 58 : 19 to 25 August 2021

The Great Game of smashing countries
John Pilger | Green Left
As a tsunami of crocodile tears engulfs Western politicians, history is suppressed. More than a generation ago, Afghanistan won its freedom, which the United States, Britain and their “allies” destroyed

How the US and the West went so far backwards in Afghanistan
Guy Rundle | Crikey
The US and Australia’s Afghan strategy was branded as nation-building, but it was the opposite — a logic of colonisation that supercharged resistance. And look at where we are now..

RAWA responds to the Taliban takeover
Sonali Kohatkar | Green Left

The economic ‘triumph’ of the Afghanistan war
George Grundy | Independent Australia

covid-19 Pandemic of the unvaccinated
‘Arhtur Dent’ (‘Albert Langer’) C21st Left

Australia stalls vaccine supply
Lyndal Rowlands | The Saturday Paper
As Australia attempts to secure more Covid-19 vaccines, it is siding with major pharmaceutical companies in frustrating global efforts to introduce an intellectual property waiver that would allow generic manufacture.

NSW warning: ‘You can’t police your way out of a pandemic’
Rachael Knowles | National Indigenous Times

Potential disaster as COVID reaches Aboriginal communities
Diane Fieldes | Red Flag

PwC, the consulting firm behind botched vaccine rollout, gives partners a pay rise
Georgia Wilkins | Crikey

Right-wing mayhem in Melbourne
Ben Hillier | Red Flag
Among all the home-made placards and spontaneous chanting, there were no demands for social support for the working class or the unemployed. No demands for more resources for the health system. No chants or placards against big business or the rich.

Scott Morrison can get going towards net zero if he wants to
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
If we take as many easy shots as we can now at reducing emissions, that will buy us more time for technological advances to help with the harder stuff.

Recycling crisis: Economy in the refuse of production
Kirstin Munro | Progress in Political Economy
Campaigns promoting recycling and laws mandating household waste-sorting, over the past four decades, have been too successful. 

The German Greens: from environmental peaceniks to neoliberals with guns
Rick Kuhn | Red Flag

Geelong protests against seismic testing
Duncan B | Vanguard

Australia’s latest wage figures are terrible – and we can’t blame the pandemic 
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
The latest wages price figures released on Wednesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics might be the most disconcerting economic data for some time.

Dreamin’:  Home ownership, ground and freedom
Tim Robertson Arena Online

Inequitable education policy worsens class divide and drives teachers away
Emma Wilson | Independent Australia