Issue 56 : 5 to 11 August 2021

Scott Morrison runs for cover as climate report shows cost of inaction
Bernard Keane | Crikey
Australia fiddles while the world burns… another lost decade

Glib assurances fail to address Australia’s critical challenges
Paul Bongiorno | The New Daily
A Martian or some other extra-terrestrial being who dropped into federal Parliament’s question time on Monday would believe that Australia’s vaccine rollout is world beating and our reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is similarly spectacular.

Global Green New Deal Needs a Global South Perspective
An Li, Yi Chen | Progress in Political Economy

Australia’s climate change policy is completely inadequate
Simon Bradshaw | Crikey
If the world followed Australia’s lead on climate change, humanity would be dead.

Angus Taylor’s capacity markets a win for coal industry
Renew Economy | Independent Australia

Which country really won the Tokyo Olympics – and at what cost?
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
Some nations are much better at winning medals than vaccinating their citizens.

Our unhealthy obsession with sport not a winner
Tyson Adams | Independent Australia

The true story of Morrison’s tax cuts for the rich
Cassandra Goldie | The Saturday Paper
Last week we learnt that regardless of which major party wins the federal election, tax cuts of $180 a week are locked in for the top 5 per cent of taxpayers. Following that revelation, it was rumoured that Labor would pay for the tax cuts by reducing services for cancer patients and older people with sore teeth, although it denied the former. For the government’s part, it plans to slowly starve our essential services and the safety net. 

Universal basic income attracts 77pc support in Anglicare poll
Michael Janda | ABC News

Labor’s cash-for-vaccination plan plays right into Scott Morrison’s hands
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Faced with the government’s debacle of a vaccine rollout, Labor proposes a cash bounty of $300 for anyone double-jabbed. Filthy cash payments are not the way this country works, says the leader of a country which pays people compensation for the tax they don’t have to pay on shares they haven’t sold.

Blame the lockdown on business urgers trying to wish the virus away
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
Business feeling the pain of NSW’s protracted lockdown have no one to blame but the short-sighted, self-centred voices on their own side.

Australian ‘progressives’ keep missing the point about lockdowns
Daniel Taylor | Red Flag
In Australia, we have a different set of debates. The biggest is the now semi-regular fight over lockdowns. If an outbreak takes place, should we close down big chunks of profit-making industry to eliminate community spread?

The Australian Left Must Fight for a Strategy That Will Eliminate COVID-19
Shannon Potter | Jacobin

Impact of Covid 19 on Tertiary Education Sector
Ned K | Vanguard

Pfizer: What’s the Scam? 
Michael West | Michael West Media

Strategy reduces Aotearoa/New Zealand prison population by 24%
Hannah Cross | National Indigenous Times

Resisting capitalism in the digital era
Inés Durán Matute, Rodrigo Camarena González | Progress in Political Economy
Imagine. An indigenous woman in Mexico enters the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to apply for a passport. The bureaucrat asks, in addition to the legal requirements, for her to sing the national anthem. She was rejected.

Mexico: Indigenous communities take over water-bottling plant to use as a social centre
Tamara Pearson | Green Left
For four months, Indigenous and local communities in Mexico have managed to blockade and shut down the Bonafont plant in Cuanala in Puebla state. Bonafont is a bottled water brand owned by Danone, a Paris-based food corporation.

I’m an ‘essential worker’ at Bunnings. Shut us down now
An SDA union member | Red Flag

700-year-old Birthing Tree set alight by vandals
Rachael Knowles | National Indigneous Times

Christian Porter has forfeited presumption of innocence
Jennifer Wilson | Independent Australia
Unlike cases that go to trial, Christian Porter has lost the right to the presumption of innocence while Scott Morrison keeps protecting him

Tax haven exposes no financial transparency in aged care sector
Anthony Klan | Independent Australia
Aged care giant TriCare receives more money each year from Australian taxpayers than the entire GDP of the tax haven where it’s domiciled.

US imperialism not pleased by Korean peninsula diplomatic thaw

Nicaraguan government arrests leading opposition figures
Allen Jennings | Green Left