Issue 52 : 8 – 14 July 2021

The Morrison government has fallen short in all areas of the Covid vaccine rollout
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
The data shows Australia’s rollout was not just slow to start – the pace of vaccination has also lagged behind many other nations

The true story of Australia’s vaccine failure
Rick Morton | The Saturday Paper
A timeline of the science behind the Covid-19 vaccines shows how close Australia came to its own breakthroughs, and how it backed the wrong candidates. 

Tourists attempting to get vaccinated in closed remote Aboriginal communities
Sarah Smit | National Indigenous TimesThe Liberals gambled with our lives. Now, we’re seeing the consequences
Diane Fieldes | Red Flag
The government ignored expert advice that going hard and going early would provide the greatest public safety. Events have proved the experts right and the government wrong. Now, it looks like they have lost control.

Berejiklian’s critics will say she waited too long – and they’ll be right
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
Most economists get what it seems many business people (and certainly, their lobby groups and media cheer squad) don’t get: in any seeming conflict, health trumps economics.

Jobactive fails jobless while privatised job agencies revel in a record pandemic profit boom
Stephanie Tran | Michael West Media
Large job agencies who dominate Australia’s privatised employment system are enjoying a boom of record profits, and even a takeover spree, while their disillusioned job seekers complain of churning and profiteering. 

On Freedom Day, Britain will be fighting the virus on the beaches, and in cafes, pubs — and party rooms
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Boris Johnson has taken a huge risk with his country’s health. But his political enemies are too busy fighting among themselves to give him any grief.

A little jab, now and then
Frank Bongiorno | Inside Story
The federal government’s handling of vaccinations shows how much lasting damage has been done to the public service.

One Failure Too Many
John Quiggin | Inside Story
Sydney’s outbreak highlights the need to make hard choices

The world is in a crisis of our own making – is it sowing the seeds of change?
Kim Wingerei | Pearls and Irritations
People revolt at how the pandemic is being handled, and if that has sown more seeds of a democratic revolution, maybe that’s just what we need. 

‘Nothing more than penny-pinching’: vulnerable excluded from COVID pay
Cam Wilson | Crikey

Reaganism finally over after 40 years and a pandemic
Alan Kohler | The New Daily
President Joe Biden’s approach to China, together with the pandemic, are bringing to a close 40 years of Reaganism, and not just in the United States.

The case that might close the wage gap
Kristine Ziwica  | The Saturday Paper

Time For A Shorter Working Week
Ned K | Vanguard

Maritime union organises to reinstate sacked tug boat crew
Jacob Andrewartha | Green Left

Australian postal workers support striking Volvo workers in the US
Postal Workers Rank-and-File Committee | World Socialist Website

Solidarity grows with stood-down pool workers
Isaac Nellist | Green Left

The Robert Menzies Institute must be stopped
Shirley Killen | Red Flag
The Robert Menzies Institute, which would honour a PM notorious for Nazi sympathies and anti-communism, is set to open in September.

Ngemba man dies in custody at Long Bay prison
Rachael Knowles | National Indigenous Times

Unprecedented national link up demands the end of the NT Intervention
Lindy Nolan | Vanguard

‘It’s time to stop racially profiling Blackfullas in shops’
Teisha Cloos | National Indigenous TImes

US war preparations: push for NATO to expand into Indo-Pacific region
NewsX | Vanguard

The Nationals is not a serious party for country people – just a collection of bogus stereotypes
Van Badham | The Guardian
Improved logistics and the internet have overcome the old tyrannies of distance that used to keep communities apart from ideas that are important and tastes they might enjoy. 

Angus Taylor appoints founding chair of major gas and oil producer to clean energy regulator
Amy Remeikis | The Guardian

North America’s heatwave hell
Dave Blinderman | Red Flag