Issue 47: 3 – 9 June 2021

Entry Into Australia Is Only for the Rich
Zoe Holman | Jacobin
Australia has maintained one of the toughest border regimes in the world throughout the pandemic, helping it contain the virus and save lives. But with strict quotas on entry, flights into Australia are a privilege reserved only for the rich.

Vaccine passports will set you free? First take a look at who’s peddling them
Guy Rundle | Crikey
Tony Blair says vaccine passports aren’t just necessary, they’re “inevitable”. God, where have I heard that before? They’re essential for the world to open up. Ah, modernisation. Best line of all? They’re the key to freedom. Ah, the old New Labour magic — it never goes away.

Morrison’s vaccine rollout fail: Mates versus the states
Andrew Street | Independent Australia
Unlike other vaccine rollouts, the Morrison Government’s COVID vaccine rollout hasn’t been distributed by the states, but by Liberal-aligned private companies.

Chain reaction
Adam Triggs | Inside Story
Reducing Australia’s reliance on international supply chains is mostly unnecessary and could actually increase the risk of shortages

GDP figures don’t need much spin, but Australia’s economy’s still $100bn smaller than expected
Greg Jericho | The Guardian
There remains a lot of work still to go to undo all the damage of the pandemic, but the economy is in a very good position to do so thanks to government spending.

My new hero, Mathias Cormann, now valiant for truth and on the winning side
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
Now he is head of the OECD, new insight has come to Cormann in a blinding flash: market principles work to cut carbon.

Landforces’ brothers in arms: how a weapons peddler qualified for charitable status
Michelle Fahy | Michael West Media
The Coalition is cracking down on charitable organisations. However, the Australian charity promoting arms deals on behalf of weapons makers that profit from humanitarian catastrophes is unlikely to be in the government’s sights. What is Landforces?

AFP says it didn’t create ANoM crime app, got involved ‘just before’ release
Josh Butler | The New Daily

Treaty: All ship, no cargo 
Bhiamie Williamson | Arena
I can’t help but be disappointed that we find ourselves some fifty years into a Treaty movement, and in the middle of various concurrent Treaty processes, and yet we continue to lack a vision for an outcome or outcomes.

Gaza and the 20-year War on Terror
Nahed Elrayes | Meanjin
As new enemies replace ‘terrorists’, Westerners will reflect on how one word justified colonial massacres in Gaza—and what, in truth, that word was good for.

Morrison needs the gumption to save business (and the unions) from their folly
Ross Gittins | Nine Newspapers
It would be bad for our economy for us to stay a hermit kingdom. But it’s wrong to imagine that re-opening our borders would immediately strengthen the recovery given low wage growth.

Anyone with a mental illness is watching Naomi Osaka’s treatment unfold in horror 
Van Badham | The Guardian
When you’re suffering from depression, the medical advice is to check in with your therapist, take walks, eat well, sleep properly and avoid distressing situations. At no point is the advice to front the international media in a combative press conference format designed to elicit extreme emotional responses from you.

Ben Wyatt blasted for joining Rio Tinto board
Hannah Cross | National Indigenous Times

Naomi Osaka Was Right to Stand Up to the Tennis Bosses
Miya Tokumitsu | Jacobin

Court case victory reflects power of school strikes
Zane Alcorn | Green Left Weekly

‘Commune or nothing’: New laws reignite old debates over communal power in Venezuela
Federico Fuentes | Green Left Weekly

Jacinda Ardern won’t save New Zealand’s working class
Ben Peterson | Green Left Weekly

Mice, floods and the climate crisis: why your insurance won’t cover society-wide catastrophes
Richard Denniss | The Guardian

An ‘excess of democracy’: How corporations killed the campus
A L Jones | Independent Australia

The meanings of eco-fascism
Andy Fleming | Overland

Millionaires who paid no tax and the richest and poorest postcodes revealed
Nassim Khadem, Michael Janda

How Australia’s First Mardi Gras Fought for Gay and Lesbian Liberation
Ken Davis | Jacobin

Morrison’s COVID-19 disaster payment is a joke
Jerome Small | Red Flag