Issue 16 – 29 October to 4 November 2020

Reserve Bank zero hour approaching as Australian economy struggles to stay afloat
Greg Jericho, The Guardian
Investors expect central bank to enter uncharted territory today with cash rate cut to near zero plus some quantitative easing

We should stop backing losers in the Climate Change Cup
Ross Gittins, Nine
Selfish cynics used to say why should we get serious about climate change when no one else is doing a thing about it. With the governments of our major energy export markets committing to carbon neutrality targets, Morrison declared that Australia will make its own sovereign decisions. Our sovereignty is not under threat. Nobody can stop us from making ourselves poorer.

A few reclaimed golf courses won’t stop the Arctic melting, but it’s the sentiment we need
Jeff Sparrow, The Guardian
All over Australia, local communities want access to land previously dedicated to golf.

How Donald Trump and Boris Johnson destroyed Western conservatism 
Bernard Keane, Crikey
Donald Trump’s effect on his party is clear, as is that of his UK counterpart Boris Johnson – both have made genuine conservatives homeless

It’s not just public servants feeling the ire of the Morrison Government
Laura Tingle, ABC Australia
Banks are in the firing line after government leaders went on a holy war against the ANZ bank over its decision to limit its exposure to fossil fuels

‘Recession over’ headlines are lazy and ignore the reality of most Australians
Greg Jericho, The Guardian
The Reserve Bank’s Guy Debelle thinks September quarter growth will be positive. That’s not enough to rescue the labour market

Feeling powerless? How foreigners can survive the US election without complete nervous collapse
Van Badham, The Guardian
As much as we want to scream, HOW CAN YOU VOTE FOR THIS LARGE ORANGE CLOWN, don’t

US presidential election has America on the edge of the abyss
Guy Rundle, Crikey
Donald Trump’s call to the dark side – to thuggish politics – comes from deep within the American soul

History made as NT police officer to stand trial for murder
Emma Murphy, Green Left Weekly
The decision to commit Constable Zachary Rolfe for the murder of a Warlpiri man to trial is an historic moment for the Northern Territory

The media has mostly not taken the bait on dubious Biden claims – with some Australia-linked exceptions
Jason Wilson, The Guardian
The New York Post, a News Corp tabloid, has been leading the pursuit of the Hunter Biden conspiracy theory

Understanding India under Narendra Modi
Sagar Sanyal, Red Flag
The non-parliamentary party behind Modi’s BJP is the National Volunteer Organisation, a fascist movement with 4 million active members. It is the largest fascist cadre in the world, if not history.

State of Origin anthem backflip criticised
Grace Crivellaro, National Indigenous Times
The Australian Rugby League Commission’s Indigenous Council was not consulted when the NRL decided to axe the national anthem at this year’s State of Origin, nor was it consulted when the decision was reversed shortly after.

Rise and fall: How the inflation dragon has been slayed
Ross Gittins | Nine

Yes, Minister: aged care, it’s not my fault
Dr Sarah Russell | MIchael West

We need to fight for 2030 climate targets
Alex Bainbridge | Green Left Weekly

Nathan Reynolds’ coronial inquiry hears evidence of systemic neglect, cruelty
Rachel Evans | Green Left Weekly

Women in politics don’t get the credit they deserve
Noely Neate | Independent Australia

Morrison uses Australia Post scandal to push for full privatisation
Jim McIlroy | Green Left Weekly

Politician, dob in thyself: the government’s terrible idea to tackle federal corruption just got worse
Michael Bradley | Crikey

Pakistan: The rise of a politics of resistance in Hunza
Sonia Qadir & Haider Ali | Green Left Weekly

Police lock Djab Wurrung activists out of camp
Alex Milne | Green Left Weekly

Rest super fund commits to net-zero emission investments after Brisbane man sues
Michael Slezak | ABC Australia

The United States is not a democracy
Ben Hillier | Red Flag

Weaponising Human Rights: Can the Magnitsky Act deny due process?
Lucy Komisar | Arena Online

A free lunch for low-income renters?
Peter Mares | Inside Story