Issue 08 – September 4 to September 11 2020

Inequality is already rising in Australia. Tax cuts would entrench it for no economic benefit
Greg Jericho, The Guardian
Lower tax revenue would lead to cuts in spending and services and even more resistance to raising social security.

Australian Unions Can Win the Fight Against COVID-19 — And Against Neoliberalism
Alison Pennington, Jacobin
Australia’s employers and federal government have failed to halt COVID-19, while the country’s public health system and union movement have stepped up. The Australian labour movement now has an historic opportunity to push for an alternative to neoliberalism.

Attack on superannuation driven by deep fear of emerging power
Bernard Keane, Crikey
The Liberal Party fears the growing power of industry super funds on issues like climate action. So they’re determined to wreck the entire sector if they can.

Outsourcing Government Itself: inside the hidden privatisation of the public service
Geordie Wilson, Michael West Media
The privatisation of the Australian Public Service is proceeding at a staggering pace. Documents accessed under Freedom of Information laws reveal that even senior roles are being outsourced.

Pandemic proves perfect cover for building a new New Britannia in Australia
Guy Rundle, Crikey
The Australian right is actively pursuing a policy of renewed reintegration of Australia with UK interests. Directed increasingly from London, with an ex-PM who never really identified as Australian trying to rejoin the mothership, through the connections via the CT Group, and the agency of News Corp playing a dominant role in both countries… 

Lidia Thorpe ready to burst the Canberra bubble as Victoria’s first Aboriginal Senator
Rachael Knowles, National Indigenous Times
What the victory of Territory Labor means for Aboriginal children and youth justice
Thalia Anthony, Arena Online
The election of the Territory Labor government in August 2020 is likely to increase the number of Aboriginal children in the justice system.

The Stalinist trial of Julian Assange. Whose side are you on?
John Pilger, Red Flag
The extradition hearing of political prisoner and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange resumed in London on Monday. US prosecutors are pursuing Assange under the Espionage Act and for conspiracy for his role in the disclosure of classified documents exposing US war crimes, among other things. British-based journalist John Pilger gave this speech outside the court.

Struggle on the waterfront
Guardian-Workers’ weekly (Communist Party of Australia)
The whole container terminal industry is in struggle…The employers’ position targets previous Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) gains and is an orchestrated industry attempt to unwind past victories…

As the pressure mounts, Adani lashes out
Coral Wynter, Green Left Weekly
Galilee Blockade activists are keeping up their protest outside the headquarters of insurance giant AON over its support for Adani’s coal mine in the Galilee Basin

Climate policy pressure builds as Steggall sets November date for zero emissions bill
Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy

The end of the goods economy
John Quiggin Inside Story
It’s time to let go of our twentieth-century view of economic activity

One Nation and Latham’s Political Football? Young Trans and Gender Diverse People.
Audrey Marsh, Challenge Magazine
Mark Latham is engaging in the cheapest kind of politics there is. Creating a false culture war between LGBTIQ people and his paternalistic understanding of the Western Sydney community.

Women facing violence need protection — and their visa status shouldn’t matter
Gina Rushton, Crikey
Women affected by domestic violence should have access to all the social support they require. Visa status shouldn’t get in the way of that.

Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5℃ warming limit by 2024
Pep Canadell and Rob Jackson, Renew Economy
Paris climate agreement seeks to limit global warming to 1.5℃, but new report by World Meteorological Organisation warns this limit may be exceeded by 2024.

Coalition’s push for secret trials: behaviour of a tin-pot dictatorship
Ian Cunliffe, Michael West Media

Safe Space for Spying: What remains unsaid by the Signals Directorate
Clinton Fernandes, Arena Online

The end of this road
Eileen Whitehead,Guardian-Workers weekly (Communist Party of Australia)

Whisky and prayer
Millie Rooney, Australia reMADE

For the refugees Australia imprisons, music is liberation, life and defiance
Behrouz Boochani, The Guardian

Orwell that ends well?
Nicholas Gruen, Inside Story
Can the latest push to evaluate Indigenous programs really Close the Gap? 

Bullshit jobs: COVID is our chance to cut the crap from our working lives
Benjamin Clark, Crikey

Would a job guarantee be work for the dole 2.0?
David Sligar and Hugh Sturgess, Inside Story

The case for a death tax
James Boyce, The Saturday Paper

Adding people of colour to a racist workplace isn’t the answer
Jinghua Qian, Overland

The environment: while we weren’t looking….
Nick G, Vanguard

United Workers Union continues its campaign for fair pay at Officeworks
Jim McIlroy, Green Left Weekly
Members of the United Workers Union employed by Officeworks are battling to secure jobs, pay and conditions.