Issue 07 -28 August to 3 September 2020

Australians need government support to get out of this recession. Winding it back is not an option
A government boasting that what it has done has made things better than elsewhere, should not remove these measures.
Greg Jericho, The Guardian

The Morrison government’s China ban is about the Ramsay Centres
Leon Gillingham, Alligator exclusive
The ban on foreign agents is about the universities, cutting funding and destroying the international student industry. Above all, it’s another front in their political-culture war. What must be borne in mind again and again and again when considering the Morrison government is that they are tough, efficient and utterly utterly political. The chaos and circus of the Abbott government lulled us all into a false sense of ‘security’. With the Morrison government’s recent move against ‘foreign agents’ shows that can no longer be sustained. They’re not talking about Liechtenstein of course. It’s China, it’s Victoria’s Belt and Road Initiative, and its the universities. Above all the universities. That may seem surprising given everything else. But this government is nothing if not cultural-political. They’re right-wing Gramscians…(continue at Alligator site)

Alison Pennington: ‘Time to embrace a pro-worker concept of work’
Centre for Future Work senior economist Alison Pennington talks about the economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and alternatives to austerity and deregulation.
Alison Pennington, Jacob Andrewartha, Chloe DS and Zane Alcorn, Green Left Weekly

We’re edging towards a big change in how the economy is managed
Opponents have had to admit that “modern monetary theory” is perfectly possible to implement. They just think it would be a really bad thing to do.
Ross Gittins, Age/SMH

Focus recovery on pink-collar jobs to avoid a pink recession
The damage to the financial future of women will not be solved with just a traditional stimulus package.
Jennifer Duke, Age/SMH

Privatisation of child care laid bare: women pay high price
Lisa Bryant, Michael West Media

Win-win for capital, lose-lose for us: Google vs. News Corp vs. the Public
Don’t know who to hate more in the battle between big tech and old news? Fear not: they’re all owned by the same shadowy corporations.
Timothy Erik Ström, Arena Online

Australia’s special forces should be disbanded
In March, ABC’s Four Corners program revealed footage of a Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) soldier, identified as Soldier C, shooting an unarmed Afghan man at point blank range during a village raid in May 2012.
Tom Gilchrist, Red Flag

Tone Alone: who does the former PM represent? Us, the Poms or whoever will pay?
For a former captain of Team Australia, Tony Abbott certainly seems to have divided loyalties these days.
Guy Rundle, Crikey

Power in a Union: Why Attacking Grassroots Unions Is Against Labor Values
Savannah Benson, Challenge Magazine

Bodycam footage turned away from fatal shooting of Kumanjayi Walker, court hears
Sarah Smit, National Indigenous Times 

Sharing the Caring
It’s time to recognise the multiplier effect of investing in early childhood education.
Fiona David, Trish Bergin and Kim Rubenstein, Inside Story

It’s time for the feds to rebuild the economy by building social housing
Peter Mares, Crikey

United States: Police shooting of Jacob Blake intensifies racial reckoning
Malik Miah, Green Left Weekly

Phasing out gas would benefit Australian manufacturers and households
Richard Denniss, The Guardian

People with disabilities left behind in Covid-19 response 
Shakira Hussein, The Saturday Paper

How To Sell A Massacre
Antony Loewenstein and Peter Charley, Gleebooks Event Video

Modern Monetary Theory: a solution in search of a problem
Adam Triggs, Inside Story

Australia’s underemployment epidemic
Clare O’Neil, Tocsin

Yes, it’s time to talk about Labor again: a lost party on a long losing streak
Guy Rundle, Crikey

The China threat: turning myth into reality
William Briggs, Pearls and Irritations

Assange’s detention violates international law: Australia must intervene
Simon Floth, Independent Australia

US aggression against Venezuela escalates ahead of elections
Leonardo Flores, Green Left Weekly

Veronica Koman: ‘War in West Papua is escalating’
Susan Price and Veronica Koman, Green Left Weekly

Australian Aged care standards a disgrace!
Anna Pha, Communist Party of Australia 

The eschatology of climate change
Zacharias Szumer, Overland

Battle lines drawn over future of CEFC, as Taylor gets wires crossed on gas
Michael Mazengarb, Renew Economy

Australian gothic: ‘The Mother Fault’ 
Bec Kavanagh, The Monthly

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